Rhino Roof Rack Pioneer Platform (2128mm x 1426mm) for the HYUNDAI iLoad 2dr Van 02/08 On


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Part Number: .ARR1609

The Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform is a sleek and stylish roof rack accessory that is sure to compliment your Hyundai iLoad Van. Made from strong, durable and lightweight reinforced nylon and aluminium, the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform is non-corrosive and will stand up to the most rugged conditions.

The great thing about the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform is the compatibility with a wide range of Rhino-Rack accessories from luggage bags, jerry can holders to spare wheel holders and shovels.


  • Aerodynamic in design to minimise wind drag and noise
  • Non corrosive so it won't rust or fade
  • Strong and durable
  • Compatible with a wide range of accessories
  • Additional rail kits are available

Fitting Instructions

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Technical Info
Technical Data
Carry capacity 125kg
Accessory Part 42104B X 1
Foot Pack RLTF x 3
Track Part Number (EXO) RTS518 x 1
Spacers Part Number LHSPAIR x 2
Supplier Code JA0077